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Before starting on a relocation project, the Relocation Consultant will open up a project timeline for the transferee with all of his/her objectives as laid out in your service instruction order. This project timeline will be updated progressively as the various milestones are reached. Both your Human Resources department and the transferee will be regularly updated and they will be able to see what has so far been accomplished and what still remains to be done.

The documentation for each and every project will be personalised and unique according to the needs of each transferee.

Complaints from the transferee about his/her experience will be taken seriously, fully documented and available for your inspection on a regular basis.

The documentation timeline will also serve as a checklist for you to compare that which you ordered, those services performed and those invoiced. This will give your purchasing department the added advantage to compare accurately the quality, services and prices of other less open Relocation Services.

At the end of each project, the transferee will be given a feedback questionnaire to complete. The feedback questionnaire will be available for your perusal and help the Relocation Consultant improve the service for later projects.