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Why don't I just do it myself?

As the saying goes "if you want something done properly - then do it yourself." This is invariably true providing you know what you are doing.


Many successful companies believe that to remain competitive, it is necessary for them to concentrate on their core business activity by buying in those services, which they need infrequently, or lack the in-house capability themselves. The expense of training and paying a full time relocation expert within their Human Resources department may far exceed the cost of engaging a specialist. This shouldn't mean that you lose control. In fact, you should have more control

Relocation Consultants need to function in exactly the same way as your own Human Resources department. Indeed, for the duration of the project, they need to feel part of your organisation and get the best results when they are thus treated and accepted by your HR department and the transferees.

An experienced Relocation Consultant will be able to quickly define the needs of your employee and settle him or her in quickly and happily. This is your real bonus, because if your employee settles into his/her new job well and his/her new home life is stress free, he/she is likely to work far more effectively.